Blair “Momma B” Brumenschenkel: I’m 57 and Going Strong


I’ve never considered myself an athlete. But  I became intrigued by CF when a few friends began doing it. However, I was way too intimidated to try it.  When Kyle and his wife Sam started working out CrossFit style in their back yard they invited my husband Joe and I.  I thought I was going to die but it was fun and different.  Then they opened Crossfit Port Orange and the fun really began.


I have grown not only physically but also mentally. It has changed almost every area of my life. Physically, I am so much stronger. I also swim and my swimming has continued to get stronger.  My shoulders were always sore  from swimming but thru CrossFit I got strong enough to use the correct muscles.  Besides being able to do things like pull-ups, tire flipping and rope climbs  for the first time in my life, Crossfit has taught me how to be strong mentally and push thru things in and out of the gym.

The community aspect  at CrossFit Port Orange  is one of the best parts. Sometimes I’m the stronger athlete  and other times it’s the others cheering me on as I struggle to finish a workout. It’s an atmosphere of acceptance & encouragement,  not intimidation.  I’ve watched people as young as 6 and as old as 80 sweating, smiling and laughing as they get stronger.

As one of the12376171_559430527541295_1220282840240517464_n older members, I am glad the coaches are so knowledgeable and can help me modify when needed and use correct movement so I do not  get hurt. It’s fun to be able to encourage others my age that we can excel and reach athletic abilities we never have before.

I’m a smiling 57 year old and going strong as a CrossFit addict!