Anita Oskandy

I am an RN and I work in the Operating Room. In December 2015, my doctor wanted to start me on insulin because my A1C was really high – 8.7, I said no, I wanted to try again to get it down. I have fairly significant asthma and was dealing with recurrent asthmatic bronchitis.  At the time I was going to yoga and slow jogging for exercise maybe 3x/week.  I started at CFPO in late February or early March 2016.

My daughter Deanna and a friend from work, Shannon, had both Joined CFPO and were loving it.  When I first started talking about coming, my daughters weren’t too 10255288_1518659865044523_5450235895172748107_nsure and my sister really tried to discourage me because of stories she had heard of people getting hurt at CrossFit.  I decided to check it out anyway.

First time I came on a Saturday, it was scary at first. I stuck with Deanna and just did what I could.  I knew I couldn’t run very far and I knew nothing about lifting weights.  Now I know that the coaches will amend any exercise for me to make it achievable, at the same time encouraging me to keep trying new things.  No worries about injuries, the coaches all show us correct form before starting and watch to make sure everyone gets it right.13438869_1748860215357819_7118866272978439046_n (1)



My biggest accomplishment?  In April my A1C had dropped to 7.1!  By June my blood sugars were dropping and I got off one of my oral diabetes medicines!  I took the nutrition class from Sam and changed a few eating habits, my July A1C was 6.9! I’ve only lost a few pounds but obviously this is working for me. I show up for fit camp 3-4 times a week and I love it! I feel healthier, haven’t had any bronchitis issues, and I just feel stronger. At work I’m less short of breath and am able to work long hours much easier than before. I am 59 years old and I’d like to be able to work my very physical job another 8 or 9 years, it looks like CrossFit will help me achieve this goal.

My next goal I would like to be able to run 250 meters without getting winded.

Best thing about CFPO for me – great inspiring coaches, team work and all the encouragement from others in my group. I’m looking forward  to new and exciting changes in the future!