Lissette Deschamps:  Working on Educating Myself


What brought you to CF? Lissette2

I had always wanted to try CrossFit.  I loved working out and I enjoyed lifting weights, but I was intimidated. I had started running with Lani and Mica and they invited me to attend a Saturday workout. I immediately feel in love, it was a great workout and I was surrounded by great people.


What was your first impression?

Initially…I was intimidated, but I loved it!!!  I remember doing my first introduction session with Kyle and even though I thought I was in good shape I couldn’t walk for days after it.

How has that changed?

I’m still in love with CrossFit, but I am more in love with what CFPO brings to our community.  Kyle, Sam and the Coaches at CFPO go above and beyond to make everyone’s experience at CFPO life changing. CFPO is more than just a BOX to workout at, it’s a family connection that can’t be explained but felt daily among the athletes.


What’s your biggest accomplishment so far?

Self Confidence without a doubt!! I have found that confidence within myself to try and put forth effort every day even the rough days. CFPO has encouraged me to be a leader and share that with others.

What are you working on now?

Mobility, I know it’s important for everything we do at CrossFit. Focusing on Mobility helps to prevent limited range of motion issues or injuries before they arise. I’m trying my best to take time and stretch the muscles I am building.

I’m working on educating myself, that it’s just a number on the scale!!


What’s your favorite CF Port Orange story?

I can think of so many memorable moments since joining CFPO because it’s the daily accomplishments that mean so much to me. There is one thing that stands out more than the others so I will share.

I have to give credit to Kyle and Sam for stepping up for Team RWB Daytona!! Their commitment to lead a weekly event for Team RWB shows that they believe in Team RWB’s mission to enrich the lives of our veterans and our community. They definitely are great examples of replacing the word veteran with person and the word community with family. They give back to our community and inspire those around them just because and that’s how we all should be.


Favorite and least favorite Workout and/or movement?

I have tons of favorites but I’m in love with snatch day, just the fact that I had no clue what it even was at first and now every time we do them I’m improving. My least favorite would have to be wall balls…..there’s just something about them!