Mandy Ryan

What’s your occupation?

Full time Mom of 2 active girls and maker of the WOD Balls.

When did you start CFPO?

March 2013

What brought you to CrossFit Port Orange?

After having my 2nd child and soon turning 40 years old I was looking for something to really kick start me getting back into shape. My husband, Coach Shane, had recently joined CFPO at the time and kept telling me how much I would love it. He would come home from the gym and give me mini CrossFit workouts to try in our backyard…it was pretty funny looking back on it now but I did them and after a few weeks I finally went to check it out and the rest is history. I was hooked.

What was your first impression?

My first impression was I can’t do that…any of that! I remember during my intro class I was watching one of the CFPO girls, Mona Dera, push press basically my body weight at the time in a workout! I was definitely a little intimidated but ready for the challenge. As of December 2016 I was PR’d my own push press at 105 lbs.

What’s your biggest accomplishment so far?

I’ve accomplished so many things since starting CrossFit that I never thought I could do! Like lifting heavy weights, pull ups, double unders and handstand push ups. I would say my biggest accomplishment overall has been staying consistent with showing up and putting in the work.

What’s your next big accomplishment going to be?

I’m looking forward to working more on butterfly pull ups and muscle ups. Hopefully getting my 1st one in 2017!

What is your favorite exercise?

Power cleans is one that I’ve always loved doing in workouts!

My least favorite exercise?

Man makers. I call them man haters. Lol. They kick my butt.

What’s your favorite part about CrossFit Port Orange?

My favorite part about CFPO is getting results. 9 am is my “happy hour” at CFPO and I love it. Soon to be 4 years of a more FIT me!

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