Massage Therapy & Bodywork

Alexis Han – owner, Hamsa Hands

Massage Therapist  |  Skin Specialist  |  530-351-4619


  • Massage Therapy
  • Customized Bodywork
  • Myodetox Sport Massage
  • Facial & Skin Services
  • Cellulite Body Treatments
  • Gua Sha Muscle Scraping – Shown Here

Myodetox Sports Massage

Heavenly De-Stressing Massage or Dig In Deep-Tissue
$75/1 hour
  • $75/1 hr  –  $210/3 – 1 hr sessions

  • Myodetox is a unique manual therapy system designed for proactive and reactive care of the body. After a specific assessment process, Alexis is able to identify the root cause of any pain, dysfunction, or problem areas holding you back from better posture and improved movement.
  • Add Gua Sha Muscle Scraping to any service for $10

Fascia-Blasting Cellulite Treatment

Smooth out knotted webs of fascia
$75/30 min
  • $75/30 min  –   $130/1 hrs  –  $185/1.5 hrs
  • Tight and bound fascia has been proven to cause dimples and cellulite in skin. Using a specialized tool called the FasciaBlaster™, Alexis can work to smooth out the knotted webs of fascia under the skin. Most effective post-workout.
  • Add Gua Sha Muscle Scraping to any service for $10