1) EMOM 4: 2 Squat Clean + Jerk @80% of Last Monday.
Rest 90s between EMOMs + add weight to bar
2) EMOM 3: 1 Squat Clean + Jerk @90% of 1RM.
3) Take 8 minutes and Warm-up Metcon Movements:


“Open WOD 14.1”
30 Double Unders
15 Power Snatch (75, 55)


– Strength: Week 2 of Double EMOM work. Remember that both should be challenging, but efficient. Have a plan in mind with weight choices before starting. This is the final week of this variation.
– Metcon: Benchmark Open Workout. As with every open wod pacing is important. Snatches here must be light and capable of being “muscle-snatched”. This particular workout is quite demanding because the snatch is a global movement so expect to be uncomfortable during this one.