1a) Close Grip Bench Press w. a pause (1 count): 5 x 4. Rest 90s.
– Grip just inside of shoulder width
1b) Bent-over Supinated Grip Rows w. pause: 5 x 6. Rest 90s.
– Add weight each set for both movements.
– Pause 1 count at top of row

For time:
Alternating DB Snatch (50, 30)
Wallballs (20, 14)
10:00 Cap

Rx+:(30, 20# Medball)
L2: (35, 25) (14, 10)
L1: (30, 20) (10, 8)
10 Alt. DB Snatch (Light)
10 Wallballs (14, 10)

**Training Intent**
– Strength: Final week of upper body strength work. Remember, this is a superset of antagonistic muscle-groups. Work up to a challenging set of both close grip bench press and supinated grip row. Remember, the intent with this strength work is to challenge both the triceps and biceps.
– Metcon: There is 100 reps of each movement. You should be able to move for the duration with a 70-80% pace breaking sets into 3 sets or less. The DB Snatches are “open-standard” and total reps. These should be able to muscled right from the floor. We completed a similar workout that was a time-domain during block 4. This time-cap is intended to be tight so scaling needs to be correct.