Take 5:00 and Warm-up Thruster performing sets of 2-3 reps then,
With a running clock in teams of 2:
1RM Thruster from a Rack
*Score = total load between both athletes
Max Burpees in 2:00.
*Score = total burpees completed between both athletes.
*Both portions of this are done with one athlete working at a time.

For time:
Row 1k
50 Thrusters (45. 35)
30 Pull-ups

L2: (35, 25) (Band Assisted Pull-ups)
L1: (25, 15) (Ring Rows)
– Alt. Scaling Options:
– 1k Row = 800m Run or 150 Double Unders
10:00 Cap

**Training Intent**
– Strength: Treat todays strength like a competition. Take time to warm-up and review thruster technique. Be aggressive coming out of the whole with your front squat into your press. Also, know you can drop the weight once it gets heavy. There will be a 2:00 transition in which you will then complete max burpees between both athletes in 2:00. This is merely to serve is a thorough CNS warm-up for “Jackie” and elevate your heart-rate.
– Metcon: This workout should be an all-out sprint. Thrusters need to be light and able to be done in big sets. As a rule of thumb the weight should light enough that you feel you could go UB for all 50 reps when you are fresh because after the 1k row that will not be doable. has this workout only listed with one weight (45) but it’s okay to use 35# for females. Compare to Month 4/Week 2