EMOM 30:
Minute 1: 10 Burpees
Minute 2: 45s Row for meters
Minute 3: 45s Bike for calories
Minute 4: 45s Handstand Walk or 20s Handstand Hold
Minute 5: 45s Max Double Unders

L1: (8 Burpees per round) (Single Unders)
*Score = total meters completed on rower
*Alternate Options for Bike or Rower
– Ski Erg, 50m shuttle sprints, or 45s Sled Push, 45s Mountain Climbers

**Coaches Notes**

– Metcon: The intent today is slow-sustained work. These pieces are all about consistency/breathing/pacing. These type of pieces lend themselves to improving aerobic power that correlates with sustaining work-output during the CrossFit Open without going Anaerobic. The amount of effort on each set of 45s of work should be just outside of your comfort zone, meaning your heart-rate should be elevated for the entire 30 minutes comparable to a 5k run (130-150BPM).