Every 5:00 x 5 Sets:
100 Meter Sledpush (empty)
10 C2B Pull-ups
10 Hang Power Cleans (135, 95)
10 S20H (135, 95)

L3: (Regular Pull-ups) (115, 75)
L2: (Band Assisted Pull-ups) (95, 65)
L1: (Ring Rows) (35, 25 Russian Swing for HPC) (65, 35)
*Alternate Scaling
100m Sled Push = 200 Meter Run

8:00 AMRAP of:
1a) DB Reverse + Forward Lunges x 5 (1 + 1 = 1). Rest 45s.
1b) 1-Arm DB Rows w. rotation x 10-12 ea. Rest 45s.
– Neutral grip to pronated grip
1c) Side Plank Crunch x 10-15 ea. Rest 45s.

**Training Intent**
– Metcon: This workout is designed to ensure you have close to full-recovery between efforts. Also, the built-in rest should allow for ability to share sleds. These sled push are done as an all-out sprint so no weight is needed on the sled. Barbell movements should be light to moderate and capable of being done UB. C2B Pull-ups do NOT need to be done UB but at least sets of 5/5. No singles unless it’s on the last round. There should be at least 2:00 of rest each set.
– Finisher: This is done post-metcon and should not require more than 10 minutes.