CFPO Goal Setting

In 2017 we want to have an even more active role in your health and fitness. So, we came up with our Goal Setting Program. Setting goals is so important to our athletes continued success.  Starting January 17th, we will be offering appointments with every single member to go over your goals and make a plan of action together to get you there. 15 minutes to sit and talk to everyone, absolutely everyone.


You all have some serious goals, but sometimes lack a plan to get there. Just showing up to CrossFit class 3 times a week might not get you there fast enough. We’re going to help everyone have a clear vision to get you to your goals.


Our goal is by the end of February that everyone will have a clear action plan to reach your goals. We’ll meet again every 3 months to check-in and see how the progress is going. Met your goals already? Great, let’s set new goals for the next 3 months. Getting close but haven’t quite reached those goals? We’ll go over the plan and adjust so we can get you there.


We’re here to help, and so are the coaches. We’re all going to crush our goals in 2017!