Tom Martin: Feelin’ Young Again

I came to CrossFit Port Orange to participate in the  IMG_3811
On-Ramp (their 5 class introduction to CrossFit) to explore joining the CrossFit classes, however it became clear during my On Ramp sessions that there were many movement modifications that we needed to make – due to various injuries and surgeries.  Plus I spent a 40  year career sitting at a desk and working out by myself when I could find time.

 After my 5th session I already felt like I was making real progress. I re-tested the workout I did on my 1st session and improved a good deal but was not sure I was ready for the group classes. Kyle and I had a conversation about what would be the best way to continue. We both agreed that continuing with personal training sessions were probably the path to faster progress for me at this time.

My biggest concern when I came to CrossFit Port Orange was “could I do it?” – I just did not know what to expect from my body and my brain. I recently finished my sixth week and that concern does not even cross my mind. The beauty of the personal training is I don’t have to think about that. Kyle takes care of that. All I have to do is show up and work hard doing the workout Kyle has designed specifically for my needs and goals. The whole time Kyle is teaching me and helping me do everything the right way.


However, I have to admit I was a little unsure when Kyle asked me to get upside down by stepping up the wall to do a wall supported hand stand. But all is well that ends well and it was really satisfying to accomplish that. I would never have done that on my own.

I believe the CrossFit Port Orange personal training gets me the right workout at the right time. I now work on things like sitting in a squat which I never would have known to do before. I have been taught so much about how my body works and how to keep it healthy. I’ve learned different stretches that have made a big difference and exercises I can do on my own to keep improving. It feels good to feel young again!