Member: Greg Bartholomew
Program: Masters
Great has been in our CrossFit Masters program for over a year now! He is the Parks and Rex Director for South Daytona!
He loves the Masters workouts!
“I am proud of accomplishing many of the skills being taught during the workouts. I have made great strides in my strength and endurance and continue to get stronger. “
He enjoys hiking, sports, the beach. He also just bought a paddle board for the river and the ocean!
Up next for Greg is continuing his weight loss and gaining lean muscle through fitness and nutrition!
“I want to be fit so I can continue living a healthy lifestyle and staying active”
Catch Greag in the 6:30 am Masters class. He continues to make tremendous progress and can’t wait for the next milestone to accomplish!

???????? We just did our pull up restest for the month of January and he went from 13 pull ups to 23!!!!???????????????????????????????? Great work Greg!!