Welcome to CrossFit Port Orange Nutrition Coaching Program!


You’ve probably heard the saying “You can’t out exercise a bad diet.” Well it’s true.  Nutrition is the foundation of the Fitness Pyramid and our health. It helps regulate hormones, digestion, energy levels and our overall mood. We need to be aware of everything we are putting gin our bodies and understand the purpose behind it. Are our food choices fueling us? Or hurting us? These are all important questions to ask yourself.

Our nutrition program is a customized plan built on your specific biometrics that we test in house here with our InBody scan. Based on certain measurements we calculate your macronutrients needed to help you reach your goals. Whether you are looking for fat loss or for muscle gain we have the program for you! 

Everyone starts with a 75-minute consult where we do your scan, build your macros and teach you how to build your day of food. Our packages below are based on the time you want to commit to your journey, as well as the accountability you feel you need.


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Phase I – Customized Nutrition

This phase of our nutrition program is a 3 month process. In this phase we are working on building healthy habits, setting goals, giving you some basic nutrition education with a customized meal plan that’s based off of your biometric testing.

We schedule a time to sit down for 75 minutes where we:

  • Determine a baseline of your current habits
  • Are you eating C-L-E-A-N
  • Measure and go over your biometrics with our InBody Scan
  • Set goals and creat action steps to follow
  • Go over how to “build” a day based on your biometric results
  • Talk about how to substitue foods
  • Receive a customized meal plan
  • After 3 months of Phase I coaching you graduate to Phase II

PHASE II – On-Going Coaching

After 3 months of Phase I coaching you are now ready to graduate into our ongoing nutrition plan. You have built a healthy routine and lifestyle. You are comfortable with the in’s and out’s of builidng a meal for yourself and you’ve reached the goals we set at the beginning on Phase I. But you’re not done there! You still need to be held accountable and that’s where on-going coaching comes in! In Phase II we meet again to discuss:

  • Positive things that have been goign great for you
  • Things you’ve struggled with and how we can help overcome those struggles
  • Remeasure InBody Scan and discuss results
  • Create new customized meal plan if biometrics have changed
  • Set new goals and create new action steps
  • Continue to have check ins with the nutrition coach to stay on track!
  • This phase is discussed further with the nutrition coach after 3 months of Phase I have been completed