Our annual Summer Strength Cycle is here, BIGGER and BETTER than ever!

At CrossFit Port Orange, it’s no secret we develop well rounded athletes who can lift heavier and run faster, longer. They’re in the best shape of their life and they have developed engines that just don’t stop. To let you in on a secret, we put focus on different elements of training by season to achieve these results. Summertime starts our training year and we start by developing a huge base of strength and then layer on other skills throughout the rest of the year.

What should you expect? The first phase we will focus on squats, deadlifts, presses and Olympic lifts. There will be more strength accessory exercises added to target building strength in specific areas of weakness. There will be fun, new exercises to learn that will help get you reach goals you never thought possible. Among many other things, you’ll see time devoted to strict and volume pull-up work combined with dip work to help you master that first pull-up or muscle-up.

What can you do to get the most out of the Summer Strength Cycle?

1-Get into the gym!

The more you come, the faster you’ll progress! This strength cycle is programmed for the 5-6 day athlete. If you are looking to make all of the progress possible, coming each day is key. You’ll see great results in hitting just 3 days a week but coming 5-6 days is ideal. Here’s why: Each day offers a different stimulus and uses different energy systems and each day is programmed to build on the other days.

2-Eat real food and stay hydrated! 

Drink lots of water. A 2% decrease in hydration can lead to a 20% decrease in performance. Focus on whole foods like lean meats, plenty of vegetables, starchy tubers like sweet potatoes, healthy fats, and some fruits. Coming in fueled and ready to go is key! The second component is getting in protein and carbohydrates DIRECTLY after your workout to build on all of your hard work! If you don’t know what to eat, ask Sam. She’ll hook you up.

3-Show up to class on time.

A proper warm up is extremely importantly. We’ve only got one hour in group CrossFit class each day to coach you and help you achieve your goals! We pack everything we can into that hour to make you better each day, group warm-up, strength, conditioning, accessory work, and stretching and working with all each of you on skill throughout the class. If you grab a foam roller 15 minutes before class and start the warm-up process, we’ll high five you.

4-Be coachable

Listen to the coaches and be ready to learn, practice, work hard and have fun! Small tweaks in positions can translate to big increases in weight or quicker progress to your first muscle up! Practice the cues and adjustments the coaches and if you have questions, ASK! We are here to facilitate your progress!

5-Practice makes permanent!

We won’t be mad if we find out you’ve been working on your snatch from the high hang at home with an empty broom handle, working on your running form at your next 5k, or doing handstand holds at the beach with friends.  Some of these exercises, especially Olympic lifting, are complicated. That’s why we love CrossFit, you can always get better, stronger, faster! Even the most elite lifter can always improve. Have you mastered the broom handle and maxed out on what you can improve on at home? We offer open gym for over 73 hours a week with lots of cool equipment we can’t incorporate into class like reverse hyper, strongman tools, and even a contraption called a “Ring Thing” that is a tool with a harness to work strict gymnastic strength like muscle ups and levers. There are people in open gym all day long or schedule to meet a friend! We staff all 73 hours with a CrossFit Level 1 Coach. Don’t know how to use the reverse hyper? Just ask! That’s what our coaches are here for.