Surviving the Holidays

December 2015, written by Nicole Merchand, MS, RD, LD/N of Healthy Steps Nutrition LLC

  1. Shift the focus
    • Take the focus away from food and concentrate more on giving thanks for loved ones around us
    • Focus on the social aspect of the holidays
    • Take a walk with your friends/family after you get done eating


  1. Before the holiday celebration parties
    • Drink lots of water before
    • Eat a snack consisting of protein and low glycemic carbohydrate before you go to the party (ie: 1/3 cup hummus and 1 cup raw veggies)
    • Offer to bring a healthy dish
    • Scope out the options


  1. During the feastdownload (5)
    • Eat lots of veggies
    • Chew slowly
    • Drink lots of water and always carry a water bottle in your hand
    • Don’t stand next to the food tables


  1. Avoid overeating
    • Use the appetizer plate instead of the enormous dinner plates
    • Avoid unnecessary second helpings–‐start with the veggies then the lean protein and lastly the carbohydrate (have seconds in this order as well)
    • MINDFUL eating
    • Split a dessert with a family member or friend and just have a bite


  1. Try to avoid alcohol
    • If you must, stick with a glass of wine or vodka/water or vodka/soda to avoid all the high sugar mixers and fruity cocktails