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Workout of the Day 5/18/20


Box Squat 4 x 10 

@ 65% of your 1RM Back Squat

Take 1-2 Warm Up Sets

All 4 Sets Should be Done at the SAME WEIGHT

Rest 1-2 Minutes Between Sets


For time:

Buy in:

50 T2B


50 Front Rack Walking Lunges ( (115, 75)

*Every time you drop the bar complete 10 Bar Facing Burpees

12:00 Cap



4 Rounds

1 ¼ Front Squat x 15

Single Leg RDL x 20


For Time

Buy In

50 V-Up

Then, 50 Front Rack Walking Lunges

Every time you take the weight out of front rack you have 10 burpees


100 Glute Marches

Rest as Needed

Warm Up:

20 Good morning, 20 High knees, 20 Butt kickers, 20 High kicks, 10 Bird dogs, 20 Single leg V-ups, 20 Air squats, 20 Walking lunges, 10 Burpees


Strength: 4 Rounds 1 ¼ front squat and single leg RDLs. You may use any weighted object you’d like. Make sure that you are squatting to full depth, coming just above parallel, and going all the way back to the bottom before you stand on your squats. With the RDLs, the front leg is the working leg make sure if your back foot is down you are still placing the weight on the front leg. You are completing 20 reps on one side before switching to the second.

Metcon: Starting with a buy in of 50 v-ups, once these are done you will move into your 50 front rack walking lunges, every time you bring your weight out of front rack you will complete 10 burpees. Be honest and do those burpees if it comes out of the front rack position! If you need scaling for the burpees you may do plank burpees instead.

Finisher: 100 glute marches. Make sure your hips are fully extended at the top. This is 100 total, rest as needed.

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