Why is CrossFit So Expensive?

It is a question that we are asked on a daily basis; and likely a question/comment many members of CrossFit gyms hear too. “Expensive”, like hard, soft, cheap, hot, cold is a relative term. Expensive compared to exactly what? Expensive compared to the $10-40/month traditional gym membership that allows you access to equipment, no coaching, and a few pizza parties each month?

Our goal is to help change your behaviors so that exercise and your health can become a top priority; it’s not to tell you that CrossFit is the only means to that end.

CrossFit gyms are not created equally. Some are expensive in regards to what they offer, and should be charging less; most of those will be forced to close in the near future. There are also gyms that offer a phenomenal value for what they provide.

When a potential member calls and tells us that the gym down the block offers 50% off, or has a Groupon deal; and asks if we’d match it; it’s a quick, simple answer: “No, we don’t compete with businesses based on price, but on the value and services we provide. We welcome you to come stop by and experience how we’re different. “

Walk into a Lexus and Kia dealership and let me know if there’s a difference. I assure you that the customer at a Lexus dealership is not complaining about the Kia dealership  across the street that’s selling a similar product for 50-70% less than their own. A Lexus is considered “expensive” to a lot of people. Ask the Lexus dealer why. No need. You’ll be able to tell the difference from the second you walk in the showroom.

When you join us at CrossFit Port Orange, you may be thinking that you’re just joining a gym. You’ll be wrong. Why is CrossFit so expensive? We invest in our members! We invest in our staff! We invest in our facility! We invest in giving our members an experience! You’re not paying for access to some equipment, half of which you don’t know how to use. You’re paying for a change in lifestyle. You’re paying for a place that, in many cases, can become the social hub of your days. While classes may last 60 minutes, members hang around for twice that time AFTER they finish their workout. It’s a place where others will hold you accountable for your actions. Being part of a community of like-minded people is going to increase your chances of success.

We are here to empower people to make better and more informed decisions about health and fitness. We teach how to lift safely and efficiently. We are a vehicle of change that can add 20-40 years to a person’s life. Life is a series of choices. Live by them; die by them. It’s your call.