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Today’s Training: Saturday, 7-18-20

CrossFit With a Partner 8 RFT 100FT Handstand walk or Bear Crawl 20 Bar Facing Burpees 100 Double Unders 20 Ground to Overhead #95/65 Spark With a 30 minute clock: Buy in: 50 Synchro Burpees Then AMRAP 6 Rope Climb 10 DB Man Makers # …


Today’s Training: Friday, 7-17-20

CrossFit Metcon Prep  Spend 5-10 Minutes Going over efficient pull up technique Metcon  “Fran” 21-15-9 reps for time of: • Thruster 95/65# • Pull-ups 7 Min Cap ABOUT FRAN: Pick a weight that you can do the first 21 thrusters unbroken. Pull ups should be …


Today’s Training: Thursday, 7-16-20

CrossFit Metcon 6 SETS ON A 4:00 RUNNING CLOCK… 25/20 Cal Bike 15 Up Downs Max Plank Any Variety in Remaining Time Until 4:00 -Rest 1:00 Between Sets- Finisher ON A 5:00 RUNNING CLOCK… Max Glute Bridge* *20 Quad Heel Taps Every Time You Break …

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